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Ziplining in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica


Activities in Manuel Antonio involve the relaxing day trips to spas and beaches, or hiking around mountains and hills. Other activities enjoyed by travelers searching for more adrenaline involve that of zip lining! Zip through the gorgeous views of Costa Rica at these ideal spots.

El Santuario Canopy Adventures 

Your canopy adventure on the longest zip line in Costa Rica includes an awesome tour, a delicious Costa Rican lunch, photography for additional cost, bilingual guides (Spanish and English), and round-trip transportation from your villa area to the El Santuario property. The adventure tour features Central America’s most impressive zip line at over 4,300 feet, 14 tree platforms, six hanging bridges, three nature walks, one double belay rappel, and 10 double-anchored zip lines, totaling over 3.6 kilometers in length.

Titi Canopy Tours

In the shadow of Manuel Antonio Park, Titi Canopy Tour has 10 zip line cables, 22 platforms, 1 dual line, 2 suspension bridges, a rappel platform, and Tarzan Swing! Nestled in primary and secondary rainforest, an abundance of wildlife can be seen including 4 types of monkeys, two and three toed sloths, poison dart frogs, toucans, and many, many more. We are less than 10 minutes from Manuel Antonio and 5 minutes from Quepos, which makes them the closest canopy tour in the area. You can enjoy the tour and not spend all your time riding on a bus!

ADR Adventure Park

The ADR Adventure Park 10 in One tour is a thrilling day jam packed full of adventurous activities. This tour is sure to get your adrenaline flowing from start to finish on an amazing day of discovery, thrills and spills! The course starts off with an exciting hike via Ferrrata along the canyon wall. Eventually you will reach the Tarzan Swings which you can do a couple of times. After swinging around you will go to the first rappel. The descent is about 42 feet and will bring you to a platform for your first zipline. The first one is about 115 feet long and goes over a waterfall. The next line will take you through a waterfall and then you will free fall down into the pool below! After enjoying the refreshing water, you will continue on to the next rappel that will bring you down to another zipline. This zipline crosses over to the caving ladder which you will climb up about 20 feet to a natural platform. From the platform you will do a mix of ziplining and rappelling from the top of a waterfall that is nearly 200 feet high! 

However, this is a thrilling full day of adventure that’s not suited for everybody. You must be in good physical condition. The tour is expected to last 6 – 8 hours including transfers, though this is subject to change. Note that the GPS location is the administrative office in Manuel Antonio, not the actual park location. In addition to round trip transfers, the tour includes guides, safety gear, lunch, snacks, and water.

Your zipline tours will be a marvelous way to see the area from a birds-eye view! Swing between the trees like our monkey neighbors and share the experience with your group. Book online or consult our concierge team! 

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