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Wonders of Wildlife

Costa Rican wildlife

Wonders of Wildlife

hikingwildlife tours manuel antonio national park

Apart of the true Vacare experience is living like a local any destination you visit. For Costa Rica, this could mean eating at secret spots, hiking to exclusive private beaches and shopping at stores with authentic South American craftsmanship. What about the other island dwellers that occupy the tropical lands of Costa Rica? Wildlife in Manuel Antonio and surrounding areas fills many residents back yards. 

During dinner, find your table being served in the same section as dozens of species. Kept at a safe enough distance in most cases. Unless you plan on sharing your left overs, these families of animals are just another set of regular patrons in the area. Whether your meal is enjoyed on the beach or indoors, the nature of this beautiful country will around every corner. 

Tours across the island give a first look to wildlife dwellings. If you book ahead of time, you’d reserve a spot in the group, as they tend to fill up fast. Many travelers visiting costa rica are strangers to many kinds of animals found in these parts. So popularity in this case, is no wonder. Take your day exploring through the forests, snorkeling under water or walking the trails, no matter what your outdoor excursion involves, you will surely be greeted by a monkey or two. Keep in mind that some of them are used to the people wanting to stop by to say hello, and manners of the monkeys aren’t always a guarantee. Keep your belongings close incase they have a few open hands ready for snatching. 

Costa Rica nature tours Manuel Antonio park

Many creatures are settled in the surrounding forest walls of Costa Rica. All living deep in the trees, your weekend hike will be straight through the shared living room of many animal families. Stroll through their home and you’ll come across centuries of cultivated design by mother nature herself. Quite the decorator, her keen eye for colors and functional symmetry makes this home suitable for numerous types. The forests are open for hikers, picnics, debuts on your instagram story and more. 

Hike these trails in Manuel Antonio or explore the breath taking waterfalls. Sun bathe on any one of many beaches and wave to wildlife as you pass by. Your destination in Costa Rica is meant for adventure and excitement. 


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