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Why You Should Make Crested Butte Your Next Vacation

Best places to visit in Colorado

Why You Should Make Crested Butte Your Next Vacation

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You know you want to see Colorado but which areas are the ones that will make the trip worth while? Of course places like Aspen and Breckinridge have their place for views and adventures. But what about towns that couple those cozy aesthetics with thrill seeking activities to *Butte*? Here’s a breakdown of what’s nestled in Crested Butte, Colorado.

Outdoorsy Types already know Colorado is home to several sunny excursions. Crested Butte is no exception. With mountains to ski, horses to ride, and trails to hike and bike through, boredom is not an issue you’ll worry about. Head out to face your fears and then take a stroll on Elk Ave to cool it down. Downtown streets are are complete with classic and colorful buildings where the charm extends inside the doors. You’ll want to explore the hills of Kebler Pass and grab a handcrafted coffee at a cozy corner

Artistic Souls will wander into galleries galore, stick around to sign up for classes and even be moved by the community theatre. Crested Butte is a creative powerhouse where artists can go to breath in fresh inspiration and feel the support of like minded individuals. Crested Butte knows you have a good eye and great taste. This community has treasures to discover and open spaces for any creative outlets. Choose to browse the particularly memorable canvases at the Crested Butte Museum or paint one of your own within this certified creative district. 

Food Lovers who plan their vacations around meals will find comfort, diversity and freshness in these plates. Crested Butte grows with their community, so you wont be served the same ole chops and slops in these parts. From local favorites and luxurious menus, your pallet will be spoon-fed into loyal patronage. Maybe you dream of high altitude wine tastings, pairing the notes of robust reds with marvelous mountain air. And while you’re at it, maybe book a spirit tasting as well! 

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Music Fans discover artists in Crested Butte music festivals. Drawing crowds from near and far, musicians take the stage and light up a field with original tunes. If you’re into the more laid back variety, crested butte hosts jam sessions with small groups. Just bring your guitar and strum along. Fellow players will become lifelong friends. Mingle with those who share your talents, there’s company to find for every genre. 

With charm that’ll make you swoon and hills that take your breath away, Crested Butte welcomes wanderers with more than a smile. You’ll be handed a pair of boots with your cup of coffee to get you started on your path the right way. Whether that’s to hike, bike or board. During the snow or summer, any season is a fitting one to make a visit. 




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