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Where to Grab a Quick Bite

where to eat in Crested Butte

Where to Grab a Quick Bite

During your trip to Crested Butte, there will so many activities that you cant wait to experience. Maybe you don’t have time to go to a new sit down spot for each meal. Check out this list of places that offer top tier quick eats for those on the go.

Camp 4 Coffee

Repeatedly voted “Best Cup of Joe in CB” by Crested Butte News, this cute lodge themed cafe is a local favorite for good reason! All of the coffee that is served in the two retail locations is roasted by hand in small batches by human beings.  In fact, only two people know the top-secret recipe for creating the delicious Camp 4 beans. They also sell their popular brews online if you fall in love and need a fix. Whether you’re cruising through Elk Ave or on the hunt for some local gems, make sure to stop by Camp 4 Coffee. They offer outdoor seating so you can enjoy your coffee and pastry as you feel the Crested Butte breeze. Breath in the fresh mountain air and sip on the tastiest cup of warmth that can cure any kind of homesickness. 

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This local cafe serves American cuisine with vegetarian, vegan, AND gluten free options so everyone in the family has choices. Reviewers have raved about their French toast and friendly service, noting it was such a great experience that they have to come back. McGills specializes in those early morning meals so they make sure to open their doors as early as 7am! Get a healthy head start to your day by stopping by for excellent breakfast made from a team who’s all about it! And if you really want to see what they’re made of, McGills boasts about their shakes, saying they make the best in town. Think of them as an afternoon drop in spot for desserts or a few drinks if you’re interested. McGills knows how to cover the bases without sacrificing creativity on your plate. 

Scouts General Store

If you’re in the Elk Ave area and need to pick up a few things with lunch, look no further than Scouts General Store. This adorable shop is open for business in an old house with newer concept shopping. Offering local artists creations like pottery, linens and nits as well freshly made food for those on the go! Feel like a true Crested Butte local when you shop at a Scout’s General Store, you’ll feel warmly welcomed and in the right place. If you’re stopping in for a bite togo, make sure to come back and check out their vintage clothing and home decor. Maybe pick up a souvenir to remember your time in Crested Butte or if you left any first aid essentials at home, just remember: at Scouts – the door is always open. 

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