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Top 5 Beaches Near Manuel Antonio

Best beaches in Costa Rica and Manuel Antonio

Top 5 Beaches Near Manuel Antonio

beaches in manuel antonio national park

Costa Rica’s tropical allure is partially due to it’s incredible surrounding beaches. Soak up the feeling of sand under your feet, savor the sunshine, take a dip in the clear blue waters. Your experience at a beach is your own. For a day in the sun or an evening swim, here’s some of the best one’s to visit nearby.

Manuel Antonio Beach

Nestled in the Manuel Antonio National Park, Manuel Antonio Beach is one of the main two beaches to explore. After a 30 minute hike from the parks main entrance, find this stunning white sand beach waiting for you. To beat the crowds, venture down the trail a bit further past Playa Espadilla Sur. Find company equally as at peace with their surroundings within the nearby rainforest. Tree lined trails that house wildlife will welcome any guests to their front yard. 

Playa Biesanz

Maybe you’re wanting even more exclusion from the crowds. Totally understandable. If you’re willing to trek a steep 10 minute hike, this beach will very much worth the effort. Paying it’s gratitude for your visit with stunning views and clear water shores. This quieter spot in Manuel Antonio is one you’ll want to build on and never leave. Cream colored sands and vibrant green foliage offer a space for relaxing in the sun.

With equal efforts dedicated to wildlife preservation and a beach-getaway atmosphere, Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica has surely earned its reputation as one of country’s most gorgeous locales. A lively resort town sits just north of a national park, where a rain forest teeming with monkeys resides, as well as a vast number of places to see, wander, and experience.

Playa Manuel Antonio

Voted as the second best beach in all of Central America, this beach is a must see for any sandy shore lovers. As one of the most beloved tourists attractions, this crowning jewel of Manuel Antonio is an unforgettable sight. More easily accessed than Playa Espadilla Sur, Playa Manuel Antonio features breathtaking views of the sea and Punto Catedral. If you love watching the sunset, be sure to stick around – the view from this beach is unparalleled. Because it is a popular tourist destination, Playa Manuel Antonio can be busy during the high season, between November and May. If you’re visiting during these months, plan to arrive before 10 a.m. to secure your spot for the day. Keep an eye out for mischievous monkeys — they’ve been known to rifle through unattended belongings.

Best beaches in Manuel Antonio

Playa La Macha

Another excellent beach option if you’re looking to avoid the crowds, Playa La Macha is secluded, quiet and serene. Famous for being one of Manuel Antonio’s most hidden beaches, Playa La Macha is perfect for the days when you want a beach to yourself. Be prepared for a tricky trek to get to the beach – the trail can be difficult to locate initially and the path can be windy and narrow. It takes around 40 minutes of rainforest trekking until you part through the dense undergrowth and step onto smooth, undisturbed sand. But the hike is well worth it when you realize you have your own private beach to enjoy.

Playa Gemelas

One of the smallest beaches in Manuel Antonio, this is located within the Manuel Antonio National Park. Nestled in a cove, it’s a fun place to just hang out. It’s further away from the main action of the park, so it’s typically less crowded than some of the other spots on this list. This beach is definitely rockier than the other two beaches, and with more waves, too. The water is a bit more murky and has more leaves and sticks floating in it. Water shoes are a must at Playa Gemelas! After a long, hot hike in the jungle of Costa Rica, the water feels quite refreshing! Take note, the rocks can be slippery. There’s 2 small coves to sit on the beach. If you want to get from one to the other, be careful with the crashing waves, or get there by swimming past the rocks. 

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