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Things to Know About Manuel Antonio

when is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

Things to Know About Manuel Antonio

One of Costa Rica’s most popular sights, knowing the ins and outs of visiting Manuel Antonio before you get there is essential to making the most of your time. 

Manuel Antonio National Park:

The smallest and most visited of Costa Rica’s much-admired national park system, a single day in Manuel Antonio brings you straight to an abundance of the natural elements which convinced you to travel to the country in the first place.

Tropical forest. Monkeys. Trails. Paradise beaches. Birds. Reptiles. Mangroves. Butterflies. The ocean. And yes – a very, very good chance of seeing a sloth! This is one of the most biodiverse places in Costa Rica with all animals being wild, free, and protected. 

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When to Visit:

The dry season in Manuel Antonio takes place from mid-December to April. This is peak season, and tourism is at its highest — especially during holiday weeks like Christmas and New Year’s.

However, it’s consistently sunny and hot during this time but if you want real hot weather, come between the end of February and May. May to the end of July is the shoulder season. It’s rainier during this time, but the downpour doesn’t last long. The rainforest is also full of life during this time.

The peak rainy season is from August to November, and although it doesn’t rain every day, you might not be able to enjoy all the outdoor activities you want to experience.

Is costa rica safe? Is Manuel Antonio safe?

Is it Safe?

While Costa Rica is one of the safest countries for traveling and backpacking in Central America, you’ll still need to exercise general caution. Petty theft (including bag snatching) is one of the most common types of crime here, so keep your valuables locked up and out of sight. This is especially true while you’re hanging out at the beach. If you’re renting a scooter or a bicycle, be cautious on the roads. They can be steep, winding, and unpredictable. People are friendly and helpful, and you’re unlikely to get into trouble. 

Remember: always trust your gut instinct. Avoid isolated areas at night, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Make copies of your personal documents, including your passport and ID.

Why Visit?

Manuel Antonio offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s vibrant flora and fauna just steps away from your accommodations. From exceptional, not-to-be missed excursions and bucket-list experiences, there are numerous reasons to explore Manuel Antonio. Such as, being home to countless marine species, birds, and mammals, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities for wildlife watching. You’ll regularly see monkeys and even sloths, and with any luck, you’ll get to see them up close.

Manuel Antonio was on Forbes’ list of the twelve most beautiful parks in the world as well as one of TripAdvisor’s 25 featured beaches for Traveller’s Choice. The combination of rainforest, beach, and coral reefs are outstanding.

Manuel Antonio is an activity base for surfing, kayaking, sport fishing, rafting, and zip-lining. Among many more things to do and experience, it will definitely be a trip you’ll never forget.

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