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Restaurants with Views

best restaurants in Costa Rica

Restaurants with Views

Traveling the full array of foliage and sandy corners of Manuel Antonio can work up quite the appetite. Rest assured the dining experiences are just as breath taking. Experience local cuisine representing South American culture in each bite. Open tables around town range from the front porches of forest surroundings to the comfort of your own Vacare home rental. 

Private Chef’s of Vacare

Although we encourage the exploration and support of local dining opportunities, we’d be remiss if we did not dote on our incredible staff of private chefs available to our guests. Our concierge service is one that handles the arrangements for reservations, recommendations as well as being served in your own room. Our team at Vacare has a mission to bring your experience to higher levels. If you’re feeling laid back and want to stay in for a meal, give our concierge service a call and they will handle the rest. Enjoy your homemade dinner in your private and secluded villa on the back patio overlooking the Manuel Antonio horizon.

Raphael’s Terrazas

As with most of the restaurants on this list, Terraza in Manuel Antonio is equipped with sunset views for outdoor diners. A beachfront setting serves as the decor in this highly rated seafood grill. Travelers from around the globe are welcomed in for tastes of the ocean that surrounds them. Even if your preferences are geared toward the vegetarian or vegan varieties, Raphael’s Terraza includes options for any diet. 

Ronny's place manuel antonio costa rica

Rico Tico Jungle Grill

This casual outdoor dining spot lives up to it’s name with jungle gardens wrapped around the area. Special cocktails are just apart of what makes this a fan favorite for travelers and locals alike. This costa rican bar can be enjoyed for any meal of the day. As many guests like to mention, it’s more than just bar food. Exceptional service and fresh ingredients will bring you back for more views and live music. Making your meal times memorable and delicious. 

Manuel Antonio’s Falafel Bar

Mediterranean street foot for guests that just strolled off the beach and don’t want to change out of their sandals, this healthy lunch spot can be enjoyed for it’s fresh pita bread and house made hummus. It’s casual, healthy and affordable, what’s not to love? The food is as tasty as it is colorful, veggies crowd the plate leaving you satisfied but not too full for any mid-day adventures. Grab a bite at the Falafel Bar and head back out into the forests. Without sacrificing the energetic vibrance of nature, your instagramable meal can be snapped and scarfed on their laid back porch style seating area. 

Buena Vista Beach Club Bar & Grill

Discover the full potential of outdoor dining at Buena Vista where dinner is served directly on the beach. Surrounded by the sounds of wildlife and crashing waves, you’ll find yourself debating what is more enjoyable, the food or the atmosphere. Many find their imagined happy place of drinking tropical cocktails while sunbathing on the shore coming to life at Buena Vista. Twinkle lights illuminate the sand floors and fire pits bring warmth where the ocean offers an evening breeze. Natures team work is only apart of the delightful service this restaurant offers. Many reviewers note it as their favorite place to eat in all of Costa Rica. 

Ronny's place manuel antonio costa rica

Ronny’s Place

Dinner and a show! Eating at Ronny’s doesn’t only guarantee a front row seat to beach sunsets and sunny mid day nature sights. The staff here is all about making the dinner experience a memorable one. We recommend ordering a banana’s fosters desert to see the exciting flambé presentation. Beach side views come complete with tropical cocktails, sip on a Pina colada served in a pineapple and you’ll feel your paradise destination dreams come true.

As the dining experiences are plentiful in beauty regarding the dishes and their sunset backdrops, we’re confident that any place to eat on this list and others is hard to beat. Inspired by the immaculate views surrounding them, these restaurants offer a coexistence of quality nature and service for their guests to admire. Manuel Antonio’s dining experiences bring to life your own personal paradise. 

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