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Destination Wedding

Colorado Destination wedding ideas

Destination Wedding

Big day coming up? Good news. Crested Butte, Colorado has become a popular destination wedding location for many couples across North America. If you’ve always dreamed of real mountain backdrops in your wedding album, or saying your vows in wildflower meadows then you’ve found the perfect spot. 

Looking for the right wedding venue in Crested Butte? Take your pick! 

Crested Butte Land Trust gives extra meaning to your wedding day. Not only will you host close friends and family on beautiful outdoor landscapes, but you’ll also be contributing to the conservation of this special place. With three wedding sites available, you and your spouse can chose between surrounding aspen and fir trees, river sounds, or lake-side ceremonies. Your wedding day is already packed with meaningful memories, Land Trust adds to this sentiment by providing a worthwhile celebration on preserved land.

Crested Butte Museum is a great option for rehearsal or reception dinners for your wedding party. If you feel especially connected to the historical evolution of Crested Butte, plan to host your guests in the heart of downtown where you’ll be surrounded by unique artifacts and historic photographs. Where the reminiscence of ski-town’s past meets the dawning of a harmonious future with your spouse, the museum is a vintage lovers dream for their big day. They host up to 80 guests and offer suggestions for local catering and wedding planners to help with your upcoming celebration.

Mountain Wedding Garden, as it’s name suggests, is a sought after venue for its ambiance and dreamy outdoor location. Ceremonies are held in breath taking mountain side area and reception is held in the park pavilion. Considered a DIY venue, you have full control over the look and feel of your wedding day setting. You’re offered the space to completely make it your own! Reserve a date to get hitched in this tranquil venue that will perfectly curated to all your wedding desires.

After the send off, newly weds have full reign of romantic options to chose from. Starting in your Vacare destination, honeymooners are set up in cozy accommodations that’ll make you want to stay in the whole time. And when in the mood to explore other activities, Crested Butte has options to make your first days as a married couple an unforgettable adventure. 

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