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crested butte mountains


Driving through the mountains and valleys of Colorado is on most adventure lovers bucket list. If you have an upcoming trip in Crested Butte, these scenic drives are a must see. You’ll never forget the golden hues peaking over the blue and green hills, or the incredible river currents that move with the wind. Write these down in your route, and you wont regret it. Kebler Pass Kebler Pass is a terrific high-mountain pass connecting Crested Butte with Paonia to the west. It’s a gorgeous seasonal shortcut to Aspen in

Looking for a new place to travel on a budget? During your trip, it’s normal to look for ways to discover more parts of Crested Butte without dipping into your ski budget. How about some opportunities to have fun without spending a dime? Here are some activities that are perfect for just that.  Kebler Pass offers the panoramic views of golden aspen during fall and serves as a venue for a variety of snow sports such as skiing and cross country snow mobile trips during winters. As well as a

Manuel Antonio is one of the most popular places to visit in Costa Rica, for a great reason. During the rain season, May to November, travelers find dry mornings and showers in the afternoons. The upside to this season is less crowds and lower prices. However during December to April, you’ll be joining most tourists during the busiest season. This is the ideal time for beach days and full outdoor excursions. If you’re planning a trip and have blocked out just enough time to hit the best places,

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