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With two million acres of public land situated around the headwaters of one of Colorado’s largest river drainages, it’s no surprise that Crested Butte is home to some of the best fishing in the state. From big fisheries like Blue Mesa Reservoir to quality rivers like the Gunnison and the East River, Crested Butte fishing offers something for all types of anglers. One of the best ways to maximize your fishing experience is to go with a guide. 

Costa Rica’s tropical allure is partially due to it’s incredible surrounding beaches. Soak up the feeling of sand under your feet, savor the sunshine, take a dip in the clear blue waters. Your experience at a beach is your own. For a day in the sun or an evening swim, here’s some of the best one’s to visit nearby. Manuel Antonio Beach Nestled in the Manuel Antonio National Park, Manuel Antonio Beach is one of the main two beaches to explore. After a 30 minute hike from the parks main

Apart of the true Vacare experience is living like a local any destination you visit. For Costa Rica, this could mean eating at secret spots, hiking to exclusive private beaches and shopping at stores with authentic South American craftsmanship. What about the other island dwellers that occupy the tropical lands of Costa Rica? Wildlife in Manuel Antonio and surrounding areas fills many residents back yards.  During dinner, find your table being served in the same section as dozens of species. Kept at a safe enough distance in most cases.

As you may have already guessed, Costa Rica isn’t short on explorable outdoors. Discovering what you can on your own can be a worthwhile feat of mystery and intrigue. On certain occasions though, having a guided tour allows you to take in the views and wildlife while learning about it too, or maybe they’ll take you to places you wouldn't otherwise have seen on your own. Spend a day taking a guided tour in Manuel Antonio with this list of the top 10 nature tours in the area.  Manuel

Activities in Manuel Antonio involve the relaxing day trips to spas and beaches, or hiking around mountains and hills. Other activities enjoyed by travelers searching for more adrenaline involve that of zip lining! Zip through the gorgeous views of Costa Rica at these ideal spots.

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