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Best Photo Ops

Best Photo Ops

Did you really travel if you didn’t take any pictures? Crested Butte is nothing short of incredible sight seeing along with all the adventure in every corner. Here are the best places to have your camera ready! 

Drive Kebler Pass for Fall Colors

Kebler Pass, or Gunnison County Road (GCR) 12, is an excellent place to see fall colors in Colorado. You won’t get nearly as much congestion as on Independence Pass in Aspen, but you get just as many yellow and amber leaves. During the months of September and October, you might even run into sheep along your drive, which would make for a very charming fall set of pictures.

Hike to Meridian Lake

For the convenience of access to the lake, this is a must for hikes in Crested Butte. If not a hike or run, it’s also a great place for a lunch or nice dinner to watch the sunset. Between the water, mountain views and trials all throughout, you’re sure to find some amazing picturesque areas. 

Explore the waterfalls of Oh Be Joyful Creek

Essentially, once you get to the creek, just explore up it as far as you want. There are 4 or 5 small- to medium-sized waterfalls in the first half mile or so and you’ll likely find a perfect swimming hole all to yourself. Just remember to pack out any trash you have and leave this spot pristine for the next visitor!

Camp at Lost Lake Slough

Lost Lake Slough offers camping, hiking, photography, kayaking, and more in a remote and beautiful part of Colorado. There are plenty of spots around the lake to enjoy the view. Camping grounds are popular in this area but well worth reserving ahead of time. 

Elk Avenue

The entire town of Crested Butte boasts unique, colorful mountain cabins, but Elk Avenue in particular has a special charm. Thanks to the dedication of Elk Avenue as a National Historic District, the false fronts and mining cabins brought down from the hills have remained more or less like their 1880-selves (although the neon colors are probably a new addition). Just stroll down Elk Avenue to capture these beauties. 


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