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48 Hours in Crested Butte

48 Hours in Crested Butte

The ideal vacation time in any worthwhile destination varies person to person. Some enjoy taking their time, staying for a while and really getting to know the area they’re visiting. Other’s find it better to drop in where the can, when they can. Assuring that when they arrive, they know where to go, what to do and get the most out of their short stay. Either way you travel, we know life doesn’t always allow for an extended retreat. So if you’ve only got a weekend to spare in Crested Butte, that’s a great start. Now here’s what you do. 

hiking trails in Crested Butte Colorado

Day one:

Hike if you have time. If not, go for a drive. With many trails and mountains to explore, the Butte views are bountiful. Hikes are a preferred way to take in the moment and walk along the trails that wrap hills and mountains alike. But a great way to get those same views in a shorter amount of time can be accomplished with a nice cruise. Places like Kebler pass or even Gothic Ave offer front row seats to unforgettable sunrises and romantic golden hour sunsets. Pack a lunch and make a backseat picnic to take in the sight while saving the hike. Which brings us to… 

Places to eat in Crested Butte is a conversation that would take longer than one paragraph to dote over. Locals enjoy spots around Elk Ave and we are certain you will too. Grab coffee at Camp 4 Coffee who serves fresh pastries for breakfast as well. For lunch head over to Secret Stash for a saucy slice or a salad, whatever your appetite, they’ve got options. Dinner is served at Dogwood. This charming bar serves original cocktails, eats and sweets for dine in or togo. 

Day two:

Take in the history of Colorado at Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum. In a building from 1883 that housed a blacksmith shop, then a hardware store and a gas station. Portraits of early Butte residents line the back wall, revealing the often hardscrabble character of those who kept the town going before the fading mining industry was eclipsed by tourism and skiing. Speaking of, slopes in Crested Butte are some of the best in the state. Take your pick of sit seeing or skiing at locations like Crested Butte Nordic or Mountain Resort. Voted by some as the #1 skiing location in Colorado, your afternoon on the slopes will be one to remember for a lifetime, no matter how short your trip. 

a weekend in crested butte colorado


If you did everything we recommended and still have some time to spare in your 48 hours, first of all – wow and that’s impressive. Second of all, here’s some bonus tips if you have some extra exploring hours at your disposal. Known for mountain biking in the summer, there’s rental shops like Alpineer who have exactly what you need for renting gear and heading out. Bike around downtown or through the scenic hills and beautiful meadows. 

See what you can while you’re in Crested Butte! There’s plenty to do, so much to explore and delicious places to eat. Gather up the family and come back when you like. Even if it’s only to stop by, you’ll know exactly where to go. 

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