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crested butte mountains

December 2022

With two million acres of public land situated around the headwaters of one of Colorado’s largest river drainages, it’s no surprise that Crested Butte is home to some of the best fishing in the state. From big fisheries like Blue Mesa Reservoir to quality rivers like the Gunnison and the East River, Crested Butte fishing offers something for all types of anglers. One of the best ways to maximize your fishing experience is to go with a guide. 

Big day coming up? Good news. Crested Butte, Colorado has become a popular destination wedding location for many couples across North America. If you’ve always dreamed of real mountain backdrops in your wedding album, or saying your vows in wildflower meadows then you’ve found the perfect spot.  Looking for the right wedding venue in Crested Butte? Take your pick!  Crested Butte Land Trust gives extra meaning to your wedding day. Not only will you host close friends and family on beautiful outdoor landscapes, but you’ll also be contributing to the

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